Electric Chainsaw – Best reviews, test and Buying Guide

In this article, we provide the ultimate guide on chainsaws specifically to electric chainsaws. We give clear and precise answers to all your questions on the subject and help you choose and buy best chainsaw that fit your needs.

Electric Chainsaw


The use of wood dates backs centuries. Indeed, man has always needed the latter, as a fuel, as a material or as a tool. And for cutting, axes and other sharp objects were in use. Until chainsaws will emerge. They allowed cutting wood, much easier and much faster. And very quickly, we witnessed the emergence of several kinds of chainsaws. We distinguish mainly two: the electric chainsaw and thermal chainsaw, but our attention will focus on the electric chainsaw.

The benefits of electric chainsaw

The success of the electric chain saw derives multiple benefits it offers.

First, the fact that it is supplied with electric current gives the chain its speed and it’s ease blade when the saw is in operation. The electric motor gives it a certain power and was designed not to pollute. Which is actually a strong point in the struggle for the protection and safeguarding of the environment. Noise pollution is also concerned because the electric chain saw produces less noise than their thermal counterparts.

Second, its size and light weight are advantages in that the user feels comfortable in handling and movements. they are considered as the best handle chainsaws.This led to what is seen electric chainsaw used for other tasks. Over time, it was no longer only to cut wood or trees, but also gardening. Gardening is an art for some, the electric chain saw allows them, for example, to cut hedges while forming original designs.

A third advantage is the cost of maintenance of the electric chain saw and that of its oil consumption (the role of this oil is the lubrication of the saw chain). Both costs are low, making the possible use in the long term and makes the electric saw an inexpensive tool. they are the best cheap chainsaws as well

The selection criteria

Before opting for the choice of an electric chain saw, it should know the criteria which militate in its favor.

The type of work that will carry the chainsaw is crucial and is a determining factor in the consideration of the type of saw. Indeed, when we talk “limbing and / or breakdown,” it is best to opt for an electric chainsaw. The lopping involves removing the branches of an arbre.Quant to cutting, it is the fact of cutting the wood into pieces immediately after shooting a tree.

Nature and wood diameter are also parameters to take into account. For a diameter up to 45 cm, the electric chain saw is quite appropriate. About the type of wood, there is mainly the average density of trees and coniferous trees. They oppose some resistance to certain chainsaws and when they are not powerful enough; their chains get stuck in the wood.

Finally, the ergonomics of the saw is the last option. If you prefer using chainsaws weight and easy to handle, so nothing prevents you from falling under the spell of electric chainsaws.


Retailer of gasoline and fuel Guide

Disclaimer: This guide is intended to provide information regarding retailers under the Law of the tax on gasoline and fuels (Act). It is not intended to replace the laws, regulations or administrative documents to which it refers.

Collection of tax on petrol and fuels


The Law of the tax on gasoline and fuels imposes the burden of the tax to the consumer. To simplify administration, the tax is collected from wholesalers. This means that, most often, are the holders of licensed wholesalers who charge an amount equal to the tax on the date of delivery of the product to retailers or before that date; Tax is included in the price at the pumps. Usually the tax is based on the number of oil-tank and how many gallon on its.

How much does a gallon of gas weigh? Generally speaking, A gallon of gasoline weighs roughly 6.3 pounds, depending on the density of the gasoline


Retailers that sell propane subject to tax collect tax at the time of sale and therefore must remit the tax to the province Statements.

License fee

The applicable rates for retailer licenses are $ 150, plus a fee of $ 25 a fixed pump dispensing nozzle or tanker. All retailer licenses expire May 31 of each year and are renewed annually beings which a renewal fee of $ 25 per gun distribution is payable. Licenses are unique to each location. The vendor that operates multiple locations must obtain a license for each location or point of sale.



A bond may be required retailers that sell propane subject to tax.

Rules applicable to the license

  • It must notify the Revenue and Taxation Division of any change of address, contact persons or officers of the licensee;
  • It is forbidden to transfer a license retailer of gasoline and fuel from one place to another;
  • It is forbidden to transfer a license retailer of gasoline and fuel from one person to another; and

For gasoline and fuel storage facilities, must obtain a valid Government of New Brunswick license for petroleum storage facilities (available from the Department of Environment and Local Government).

Refusal to issue license

The Minister may refuse to issue a license if there are reasonable and probable grounds to believe that the applicant:

Failed to post security approved as required;

Was convicted of a violation of a provision of the Act of the tax on gasoline and fuel or any provision relating to gasoline or fuel in any other Act;

Failed to comply with any terms or conditions imposed in respect of a license previously issued; or has already obtained a license that was canceled during the previous five years.

Cancellation of license

There are cancellations of the license to the voluntary closure or sale of a business. It must apply for cancellation in writing.

The licensee must also notify the Department of Finance when the business is sold the retailer, because you have to cancel the gasoline retailer’s license and fuel the previous owner before issuing a new license to the new owner.

Reinstatement of a license

The Minister may reinstate a suspended license and may impose any combination of the terms and conditions established under the regulations. For example, the Minister may request that an investigation be conducted before restoring the license. (Must reapply and pay the license fee.)


Make the chicken coop with your own chicken coop ideas

The chicken coop is one of the important factors for rearing the chicken. This is the shelter for the chickens for where they are protected, they can roam around and also they can lay eggs etc. This is one of the best ideas for you to build the chicken home by which you can enhance your backyard. It is very important for you to plan a good design for your chicken coop as it should be an efficient shelter for your chicken. You have to know about the basics to build a chicken coop in your backyard.

Construct the best chicken coop

Cheap-Chicken-Coop-DevonThe chicken coop is mainly for the protection of the chickens and it must be large which ensures the chickens with good living space. They should be able to walk around, flap their wings and even build their nests which can make them comfortable. There are various factors to be considered when you to build the chicken coop by yourself. You have to determine the size of the chicken coop according to of the number of the birds you have. You can build a large chicken coop which will help your chickens to move around comfortably. Build an extra space separated from the chicken co which may help the female hens to lay eggs apart from other hens in the chicken coop. The chicken coop you build should provide the basic protection which will help them to protect them from the predators.

You can use various types of materials for making your chicken coop which may include the wood, plywood, iron, particle board etc. There are also various chicken coop ideas which include the making go of the chicken coop with eco-friendly objects and also from recycled plastics. You have to concentrate on the flooring of the chicken coop which may be covered with the straw or the pine tree shavings. Even you can cover with wooden chips or sand which is the good absorbent and helps to maintain a hygienic environment.

Free chicken coop plans online

The feeding habits of the chicken must be concentrated as they must be fed properly which ensures a healthy growth. You can arrange the bowls topped inside the chicken coop which will be a better way of feeding. You can also use the automatic water filling system to feed your chickens with water. you have to find a perfect place to keep the chicken coop in the backyard of your house which may include the dry spot, grassy ground etc. make sure that your chickens are safe. You can either buy the readymade chicken coop from the market or you can make your own chicken coop. You should also provide the chickens with the nests boxes which will help them to lay eggs.

You can get a number of free chicken coop plans from the various web sources and make a perfect plan for the designing of the chicken house. There are numerous designs available for making the chicken coop, select the best plan which may help you to rear your chickens in a better way.